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We work with tasks of any complexity level and every client is important to us.

Our goal is to solve all your "aches and pains" in the search, calculation and delivery of cargo.

You determine all volume of our work: for example, on a turnkey basis - from finding a business idea to launching a factory or a store. Or only the delivery of furniture for your home to Yakutia or purchasing of specific equipment from a certain supplier.

We also work to promote finished products, intermediate products, and raw materials from Yakutia to the world and Chinese markets. To promote those we use personal contacts and internet platforms like,,, depending on the project goals.

Search for interesting business ideas
Development of cost-effective business models for Yakutia
We attend various international exhibitions in China and Hong Kong, we are looking for the most interesting and cost-effective business ideas for implementation in Russia.
We also analyze the business landscape in the South of China where, as a rule, know-how technologies are getting implemented very quickly and produced at local manufactures.

We constantly monitor local Internet sites where the most actual goods and equipment are offered.

Any idea shall be adapted to the business realities of Russia (mentality, climatic conditions, market volume, delivery, etc.).


We analyze possible prospects and forecasts of the project development.


Together with entrepreneurs, we are trying to find the best realization of the project.

Creation of a system of regular supply of consumable products
Search for equipment manufacturer in the domestic market of China

After start of production, constant and uninterrupted supplies of consumables and expandable materials are required. We will provide access to a huge market of consumables presented in China (PVC films of all kind of colors, furniture fittings, spare parts, paints, etc.). We will develop a scheme to avoid the downtimes in your production. We will help you to create a wide range of your assortment - a great competitive advantage of your business.

We will also follow the market developments relating your business and offer you novelty products.

At international exhibitions and Internet platforms (for example,, as a rule, equipment and goods are offered at excessive prices. Since the main buyers are the markets of the US and Europe with large budgets for the purchase of equipment and overstated requirements for machines automation. So, the Chinese manufacturers take advantage of it by budgeting a large profit.

For domestic use they produce "no frills" machines - simple, reliable and inexpensive.

Modernization of equipment according to the project parameters
Warranty maintenance of the project for 5 years

Typically, Chinese factories produce high-capacity equipment to meet the demand of a country or a large city. We negotiate with the plant to upgrade equipment to our conditions, which they often do not like. Knowledge of culture, mentality and business customs helps us to find a common language with manufacturers. 

We are ready to consult free of charge on the project for 5 years on any issues. Shipped and forgot - it's not about us. We are always in touch and ready to help.

We are always glad to help you.Call us, email us or use social networks.
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